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Cisco SF350-48 switch with (48) 10/100 Ethernet ports and (4) fixed 10/100/1000 Ethernet uplink ports & 2 SFP Ports

48 Ports,UnManaged,Cisco,10/100/1000Mbps

Product Description

The Linksys WebView Managed switch allows you to expand your network securely. Configuration of the switch is secured using SSL for Web access and SSH for Telnet access. User control is secured using 802.1x security using a RADIUS authentication mechanism and can also be controlled using MAC filtering. Extensive QoS features makes the solution ideal for real-time applications like Voice and Video. The 4 priority queues together with the Weighted Round Robin and Strict Priority scheduling techniques facilitate efficient co-existence of real-time traffic with data traffic allowing them each to meet their QoS needs. Individual users or applications can be prioritized above others using various Class of Service options - by port, layer 2 priority (802.1p), Layer 3 priority (TOS or DSCP), or IPv6 Traffic Class. Intelligent Broadcast, Multicast, and Unknown Unicast storm control minimizes and contain the effect of these types of traffic on regular traffic.Former Linksys Business SeriesConnect up to 48 network devices PCs, printers, access pointsTap into your network's existing high speeds using a flexible high-speed uplink connection

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