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LigoDLB 5-15 - 5 GHz PTP/PTMP CPE (15dBi Antenna) - ligowave


5.150 - 5.850 GHz (FCC 5.150 - 5.250 and 5.725 - 5.850 GHz)
80,000 PPS
170 Mbps capacity
High output power 29 dBm radio
Integrated directional 15 dBi panel antenna
Powerful OS
Smart polling data transmission protocol (iPoll 3)
Free NMS (Infinity Controller)
Responsive HTML 5 based GUI
Pole mounting option

Ultratech is the official distributor of ligowave networks in Pakistan. Ultratech also has ligowave wireless devices in Pakistan. We have available LigoWave at the very best price in Pakistan.

SKU: LigoDLB 5-15

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